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Cielo team

our story

In an ideal world, optimal health would be effortless. Affordable, high-quality ingredients. Time-saving supplement routines. Straightforward information.

This is the world Molly, Maddy, and Nida have worked to create over the course of their combined 40-year career in the supplement industry. Each woman has realized this vision through various wellness organizations, and Molly continues to do so as the president of a renowned supplement company. Now, they’ve decided it’s time to begin anew – to not just suggest and implement fresh ideas but to use them as the bedrock of their own supplements.

To build from the ground to the sky.

Cielo, meaning “sky” in Spanish, offers limitless health possibilities, elevated quality standards, pure supplement ingredients, and tranquil wellness solutions. We spend too many hours scouring the internet and supplement aisle, wondering which is the “right” formula and if it will produce results when combined with your existing regimen.

Cielo uses three harmonious formulas to address the most common health concerns, removing the guesswork and giving you confidence that you’ve made the right choice. We are committed to empowering you with science-backed nutritional support and transparent information to help you reach your highest health and wellness goals.

With Cielo, the sky is the limit.

Dr. Kenneth (Kenny) Mittelstadt, DACM, DC, L.Ac

about dr. kenny

In partnership with Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Kenny Mittelstadt, Nida, Maddy, and Molly have worked for over 12 months to perfect their formulas and source the cleanest ingredients.

Dr. Kenny Mittelstadt holds two doctorates – one in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and another in Chiropractic. He strives to play a pivotal role in the global wellness revolution, aspiring to empower individuals in their journey toward comprehensive and holistic healing, beginning from within.

He believes education and demystifying health information are the keys to taking control of our health. He and Cielo’s founders share a vision of a world where wellness is more prevalent than disease and healthfulness is celebrated!

Simplifying daily habits to address common nutritional gaps and subtle signs of disease that may lead to chronic conditions.

our formulas

Plant-based, science-backed, clean ingredients that align with a health-conscious lifestyle.

a hand holding cielo's rise multivitamin

Unique Formulation

Our comprehensive formulas support daily wellness and deliver results faster than individual products.

cielo's clean ingredients and formulation

Clean Ingredients

We prioritize clean ingredients, utilizing plant-based, science-backed components to maximize your health and overall well-being.

mother holding her child outside

Unmatched Bioavailability

Our formulas include black pepper extract for elevated nutrient absorption and the most significant health benefits.


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