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Wellness Bundle

Explore new boundaries for whole-body health with our three signature supplements: rise delivers essential nutrients where your diet falls short, horizon works to balance the gut and improve digestion, and golden hour is here to strengthen your body's natural defenses.

3 bottles (45-day supply)

  • Rise: Contains key nutrients in their most bioavailable formats to fill nutritional gaps.
  • Golden Hour: A collection of antioxidants designed to promote a healthy inflammatory response, support joint health, and address early signs of aging.
  • Horizon: A simple yet powerful blend of prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and botanicals for comprehensive gut support.

Rise: Take two capsules daily with food or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Golden Hour: Take one capsule daily with food or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Horizon: Take one capsule daily with food or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Supplement Facts

Wellness Bundle


real ingredients, real results


Prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes balance the gut to support the proper functioning of your entire body.

Golden Hour

Revolutionary, plant-sourced ingredients calm the insides for tranquility on the outside.


Two capsules a day ensure your diet contains the vitamins and nutrients you need for limitless health.

why it’s important

You work hard to align your lifestyle with your health and wellness goals. However, sometimes pesky symptoms persist, and solutions seem elusive. 

We created this three-tiered approach to address the most common nutrition disparities and simplify the path to wellness.

Made with the help of a Functional Medicine Practitioner, our wellness bundle will nourish your body and bring peace to your mind.

frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of this product?

Rise can help fill the gaps in your diet and provide the recommended daily value of essential vitamins and minerals. It can also boost your immune system, support healthy aging, and promote overall wellness.

Horizon is a comprehensive blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes to support a healthy digestive system. It can help maintain a balanced gut flora, aid nutrient absorption, and facilitate smooth digestion. Additionally, the formula bolsters your immune system, enhances gut-brain communication, and promotes overall gastrointestinal wellness.

Golden Hour - This synergistic combination supports healthy inflammatory responses, provides potent antioxidant protection, and promotes joint and cardiovascular health. Additionally, the presence of black pepper extract aims to enhance the bioavailability and absorption of the other ingredients.

What should I expect?

The duration needed to experience noticeable benefits from Rise can differ substantially among individuals, influenced by factors like current health status, dietary habits, and nutritional needs. While some might observe a boost in energy or well-being in just a few days, others might require weeks or months to feel substantial changes.

Upon using Horizon, customers may experience smoother digestion, reducing common discomforts like bloating, gas, and indigestion. The formula is designed to make you feel more balanced and comfortable from the inside out, contributing to your overall well-being.

Golden Hour:
You may experience reduced joint pain or stiffness upon incorporating this formula into your regimen. You might also notice improved overall well-being and increased energy levels as the formula balances your body's inflammatory responses and protects against oxidative stress. The combination of ingredients supports a range of body functions and improves your quality of life.

Who is this for?

Cielo supplements are formulated for anyone 18+. This product is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

What else can I do to boost effectiveness?

To maximize the benefits of a multivitamin, consider a holistic approach that includes staying hydrated to aid nutrient absorption, exercising regularly to improve metabolic rate, and ensuring 7-9 hours of quality sleep for optimal nutrient utilization. These lifestyle factors complement the effectiveness of your supplement. Your diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep are crucial for your body's use of the multivitamin.

To amplify the benefits of our Horizon formula, focus on a fiber-rich diet with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to nourish good bacteria, while avoiding processed foods and sugars that can encourage harmful bacteria. Stay hydrated for better digestion and nutrient absorption, and incorporate regular exercise and stress-management techniques like meditation to support a balanced gut further. These steps can help your body fully utilize the probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes in Horizon.

Golden Hour:
To fully harness the benefits of the Golden Hour formula, consider adopting a lifestyle geared towards anti-inflammatory living. Incorporate a balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits, vegetables, and fatty fish while removing foods high in sugar and processed fats. This can enhance the formula's effects on your body. Additionally, aim to include at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, as regular physical activity has been shown to reduce inflammation. Don't overlook the importance of adequate hydration and 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, as both can support your body's natural healing processes and further optimize the formula's effectiveness. By embracing these habits, you're setting the stage for the Golden Hour formula to work at its best.

What is the best way to take these supplements?

For optimal results, we recommend taking our supplements in the morning with food, which will help boost absorption. However, the timing is ultimately up to you and your individual needs. Feel free to incorporate it into your routine at the time that works best for you.

Can I be allergic to this product?

While we did source all ingredients as top 9 allergen free (milk, eggs, nuts, fish, crustaceans, shellfish, wheat, soy and sesame), these products were manufactured in a facility that may still process these ingredients. We did not source to meet other allergen free claims outside of the top 9 (for example- cherry, celery, etc.).

Are there clinical or third party studies on your vitamins?

Yes, we 3rd party lab test all of our products and have only chosen ingredients that have tons of research behind them.


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